Software Automation Testing

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Software Automation Testing

In current time , testing is perhaps much more important than the actual implementation of an application. An error creeping into the end product has resulted in losses crossing millions of dollars .The enterprises and firms are now learning from their mistakes to ensure that there is no skimming of funds and effort when it comes to ensuring the quality of the product.

Report: Software failure caused $1.7 trillion in financial losses in 2017
At IBM InterConnect, IBM Research scientist Shriram Rajagopalan explained how to set up resiliency testing to break your stuff so that you can get it back online faster when bad things happen.

To counter this there is a demand for world class testers who perform an objective evaluation of the system, capitalizing on their wealth of knowledge of the industry and their divergent thinking capabilities.

While manual testing requires manual effort and might not be completely replaceable depending on the complexity of the system - there is a shift in demand towards automation testing which enables repeated processes to be run across huge data sets .

Automation testing can allow a set of tests to be run over and over again without having to execute them manually. Saving time and money becomes a reality in the long term when done correctly.

There are a wealth of tools and applications which are used to create and maintain the codebase for automation such as Selinum, Appium , Cucumber and so on. These are used to support a suite of testing capabilities

The global automation testing market size is expected to grow USD 12.6 billion in 2019 to USD 28.8 billion by 2024 and KTGuru comprises of industry experts with a wealth of experience working with various automation tools and applying them across various industries. We are here to help you become a part of this journey.

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