Why learn Salesforce and its future in the job market?

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Why learn Salesforce and its future in the job market?

Salesforce is extraordinary  - Its not everyday that we end up seeing a company which locks horns with bully of the industry and goes on to eventually crush it. With an ambitious start - Salesforce slowly and steadily captured the CRM market and this is still just the beginning.

The company which came into existence in 1999 - Challenged the market leader Oracle's 'Siebel' at the time to become the No 1 CRM application.

If you want to make it big in the Salesforce world - The time is "NOW" or never .

The revolution is happening and salesforce is moving from being a CRM leader to an industry expert - Which industry you ask ? Well just about every industry from Financial Services...to Public Sector...to Health sciences... With a mix of industry expertise and a taste of this technology - Magic is in the making.

You can either be making the magic happen or become an awe-struck spectator - The choice is your.

31% of Salesforce's revenue comes from Service Cloud sales

41% of Salesforce's revenue comes from Sales Cloud sales

Salesforce releases new features, products, and updates three times per year

Companies that switch over to Salesforce on average will see a 25% increase in revenue

Stats credits : Trifinlabs

Innovation is the only constant

Salesforce has always understood the importance of innovation to remain on the top and is constantly flirting with the latest innovations - Data Science , Internet of Things (IOT), Machine learning , Block chain the list goes on...

The combination of Cloud computing with this spirit of innovation is especially explosive because it plunges a massive community of people ( more than 10 million trailblazers alone) into these innovations with every centralized upgrade with Salesforce performs ( 3 Salesforce releases occur every year) .

The DreamForce is another coveted yearly event which bring together a massive audience - to starts discussions about not only the latest features of the year but a unique platform for various large, medium and small scale Salesforce vendors and customer to showcase their innovations.

The Dreamforce Event 

The platform has also shifted its model to make it more generic and maximize the potential to use associated technologies and literally integrate with just about any other system in the world. This is another reason why the success story of Salesforce seems to have no signs of decline.

Grab your Place in the job Market

In India alone Salesforce is expected to add ~5 Lakh new direct jobs and about 15 lack indirect jobs jobs.

Source: LiveMint

These are backed by the CEO of Salesforce Mark Benioff along with a wealth of top consulting firms which are bagging new projects - most of which are with fortune 100 companies.

Mason Frank - A leading staffing company around around the world has listed  countless other reasons be become a Salesforce developer , admin or a functional expert.

Need we say more ? - It's now or never - Jump on to the bogey so you wont miss the train . We don't know much about the destination but the journey is guaranteed to be  splendid.

KTGuru - Your path to success

With a wealth of resources available for free and countless and overwhelming quantity of resources. It is easy to lose your way or feel confused. Here is where we found the need to streamline the learning process.

KTGuru is backed by professionals with over 10 Years of experience working with Salesforce and within various industries.

So if it is a get stater advice you seek, a specialized training on a specific concept / feature or a stellar resume studded with certification - We have you covered.

GET ready to blaze your trails and ignite you minds towards a greater future with Salesforce

Stay tuned... because under the roof of KTGuru you can find a wealth of free resources on just about any new innovation and also for seasoned developers looking for cross skill development.

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