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The World is changing... Are you changing with it?

The World is turning

Growing up, countless people were often convinced of a "white" lie to keep them motivated.

"The effort you put in has a deadline and after which you are free to reap the fruits of your efforts... forever".

Oh don't be mistaken, this was a brilliant motivator and it naturally helped you achieve great feats in your life - fine grades, a decent job and maybe even a big fat salary. Yet, with time the illusion fades away and soon you realize that much of what you learn, important as it may be, is going to become obsolete one day or the other and that to stay relevant you may have to relearn or even unlearn much of it.

A famous quote is suitable here and with it a course correction - the unveiling of the truth.

"Change is the only constant" - Heraclitus (Greek Philosopher)

KTGuru is inspired by this idea and our goal is to play our part in this Story - To help you become masters of your career by always evolving and learning.

We are here to help but there is an ASK from you - remember that, at the end of the day,  the fact is that "learning is never-ending". Try not to look at it as the means to an end. While you may get wins on the way - its just as important to love what you do. So, enjoy the journey and we are here to make this crazy ride fun and enjoyable!!!

Our Vision

Whether you are a student, a working professional or simply an enthusiast - our desire is to connect your needs with the right resources and experts to help you realize your career dreams and aspirations.

"We wish to be the one-stop place for your career growth"

We understand that success is often a delicate balance between certain life and professional skills. Hitting this sweet spot might mean different things to different people:

Identifying a Mentor/Role-model, getting certified to prove your worth, learning a new technical skill, Communicating better, needing advice, learning to manage a Team, Negotiating a deal, understanding development models or architecture strategies... the list is never-ending.                                            

What is the Solution?

Industry experts providing advice & trainings + Wealth of Content & Resources + Specialized focused trainings and even a community who is invested in your career. KTGuru is all of this and more...

Millions are spent on up-skilling resources.

Capgemini to reskill 50,000 India employees in emerging tech
The company is on track to meet its target of hiring 24,000 employees in India by 2020. It onboarded 9,500 people in the first half of 2020, which is a mix of freshers and lateral hires

We believe that there won't be a need to up-skill everyone if you stay updated with the ever changing industry. This must happen organically to keep winning all the way.

Ready to upgrade your career?

So the Journey begins...

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